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Terms & Conditions for the Purpose of Registration

1. The registration charge Rs.2100/- (Non-Refundable and Non-Adjustable) should be paid in advance by the      tutor/tutoress.

2. In case of per month tuition assignments, 50% of the total fee for the first month as a commission will be          charged by Hillary Academy.

3. In case of per hour tuition assignments, minimum 7 hours will be charged as a commission by Hillary                Academy.

4. The tuition fee of the first month or the first 7 hours fee will be collected from the parents of the students         by Hillary Academy.

5. From the 2nd month onwards Rs.250/- per month will be charged as a management fee from                              tutor/tutoress. This is applicable for per month tuition assignments.

6. From the 8th hour/class onwards Rs.500/- (Standard 10 classes) will be charged as a management fee from        the tutor/tutoress. This is applicable for hourly assignments.

7. Tutor/Tutoress can not discontinue any tuition assignments in any circumstances without prior information        to Hillary Academy. The same should be in writing.

8. Tutor/Tutoress will have to submit local address proof,identity proof along with a latest passport size photo      and a valid local mobile number for the security purpose.

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