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Spoken English Courses 

A-Z (1 Year)

for complete communication skills

Fundus (5 Months)

for beginners

Evolution (4 Months)

for intermediate

Capsule (3 Months)

for advance learners

Crash (2 Months)

for total proficiency in English

Let's Talk (1 Month)

for interactive English

Special Courses

Business English (2 Months)

for professionals

Creative Writing (2 Months)

for writing skills

Voice & Accent (1 Month)

for neutral pronunciation


for foreign acceptance

GDPI (15 Days)

for job/admission

Seasonal Courses

Housewives Special (2 Months)

for infusing confidence in housewives

Junior Special (2 Months)

for kids

Weekend Special (2 Months)

for professionals 

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